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Can you identify these celebrities on In the Heat of the Night?

Supermodels, TV legends and NFL stars!

In the Heat of the Night marked a comeback for television veteran Caroll O'Connor. The former Archie Bunker took a much different role, playing a justice-seeking police officer in Mississippi. 

The crime drama featured dozens of other familiar TV faces in guest roles — and gave some rising stars a shot. 

Test your TV trivia skills and try to identify everyone in this lineup.
  1. He is best known for his work on a famous ship. What did he do?
  2. This television legend once broke his glasses on The Twilight Zone and played which Batman villain?
  3. This supermodel was married to what iconic pop star?
  4. Today, you can find this man doing what on daytime television?
  5. You? Yes, you. Who are you?
  6. You can find her playing a housekeeper to which sitcom family?
  7. This fella appeared in more than 300 episodes of which Western?
  8. He was in the episode "Singin' the Blues," but you could find him doing the Super Bowl Shuffle for which NFL team in the 1980s?
  9. This daughter of Jayne Mansfield could later be seen starring in which hit crime procedural?
  10. He played the sidekick to which television character?
Can you identify these celebrities on In the Heat of the Night?

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