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Can you identify these game shows by their contestant podiums?

Buzz in if you remember your TV trivia.

Game show sets used to be so much more colorful. Today, every game show seems like its shot inside an industrial warehouse with steel furniture and red lights. Back in the day, contestants stepped onto sets as funky and comfortable as their living rooms. 

You can probably recognize the game show by the contestants' area. Let's put your TV trivia to the test. You need to get 10 or more correct to hit the jackpot. Otherwise, you'll go bankrupt. Good luck!
  1. Let's start with this clan of cowboys. What game are they playing?
  2. Remember the name of this game?
  3. Does this setup look familiar?
  4. This trio is about to slap their buzzers on…?
  5. The still-popular game looked quite different back in the 1970s.
  6. These two celebrities are helping two contestants on…?
  7. Don't flip out if you can't figure this one.
  8. Allen Ludden is hosting here, just as he did for years on the earlier iteration of this show.
  9. Now we're heading into the harder rounds. That's Ben Stiller's mom on the left. What game is she playing?
  10. Adam Sandler got his start doing bits on this MTV game show.
  11. What game is being played here? It was hosted by Bill Cullen.
  12. It was the green couple versus the red couple on…?
  13. In the final round, we rewind the clock to the black & white era. What game show is Stopette deodorant sponsoring here?
  14. Here's another hugely popular game show dating back to the 1950s.
Can you identify these game shows by their contestant podiums?

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