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Can you identify these hit albums of 1977 by their cover artwork alone?

A true music lover can get more than 10 correct.

How big was rock music in 1977? Well, some of the biggest albums in history hit record stores that year. New genres we formed. Legendary acts dropped debuts.

We flipped through the best-selling LPs from 1977 to grab these 16 images. A music nut should be able to easily name more than 10. Good luck!
  1. This soundtrack was a smash success.
  2. Released at the end of 1976, this rock classic topped the charts for seven weeks in 1977.
  3. This fashion trend may not have caught on, but this became the best-selling album of 1977. Who released it?
  4. This slick act moved more than 5 million units of this classic LP.
  5. This thing has sold more than 43 million copies. Who made it?
  6. Did you ever notice he was barefoot on this cover?
  7. This stellar epic sold more than 10 million copies.
  8. Who could this be?
  9. Who featured this robot?
  10. They kick-started a fashion trend.
  11. Who could this caricature be?
  12. Made in Berlin.
  13. This was marketed as the big comeback for what 1960s favorites?
  14. Recognize this foursome? They just recently reunited.
  15. We'll even show you their faces.
  16. "Come Sail Away"? More like, come ride a horse in the forest.
Can you identify these hit albums of 1977 by their cover artwork alone?

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