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Can you identify these hit albums of 1983 by a single image from the cover?

Wanna be startin' somethin'? Can you beat it?

1983 was a massive year for pop music. Rock stars became rock gods. Many of the hit albums of that year went Diamond. Platinum was for rookies. True Eighties music icons counted their record sales in the tens of millions.

So, you should probably recognize the smash records from 1983, no? These platters topped the charts and year-end lists. See if you can identify all 13.
  1. It may have been released in 1982, but this titanic record topped the Billboard charts for a whopping 22 weeks in 1983.
  2. This trio went out with a bang, its biggest album ever.
  3. This soundtrack became the best-selling album in America during the summer.
  4. This iconic rock star came out swinging on the cover of his smash 1983 LP.
  5. Rolling Stone named this band's debut the best album of 1983. Its cover photograph was covered in kudzu.
  6. This rock band became arena kings thanks to this 10-million-selling record, which had a comic book look to its cover.
  7. This kid, seen here on album number three, also appeared on what band's 1980 debut?
  8. 1983 began with this Australian group topping the charts for eight straight weeks.
  9. This act became the first metal band to reach No. 1 on the Billboard album chart with this release.
  10. What singer topped the charts in December with this massive pop record?
  11. Who put out this album?
  12. No, 90125 is not a California zip code. It was the label's catalog number for this band's hit record.
  13. Finally, this critical and commercial success made major (new) waves in '80s fashion. What band was it?
Can you identify these hit albums of 1983 by a single image from the cover?

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