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Can you match all these body part episode titles to the correct sitcom?

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.

To appreciate classic sitcoms, you've got to look at the full body of work that makes up the entire series, not just the biggest episodes that comprise its heart.

So today, we've pulled out random episode titles from a range of hit sitcoms, to play an odd game of Operation, where we show you an episode title pointing to a body part, and you guess which sitcom it came from.

Think you can put it all together? Grab your forceps, and good luck!
  1. Only one sitcom should come to mind with this title: "Hot Lips and Empty Arms"
  2. This workplace sitcom was more concerned with food than drink in "Woody Goes Belly Up":
  3. An armwrestling championship is at the heart of "Mama With the Golden Arm," from which show?
  4. This family sitcom had a different kind of mystery to solve with "The Case of the Punch in the Nose"
  5. Known for using song titles to name episodes, which sitcom featured the episode "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?"
  6. The neighbors on this classic sitcom don't believe the explanation behind "The Black Eye":
  7. A famous sportscaster guest starred on which sitcom for the episode "Big Mouth"?
  8. Which sitcom saw its star's ears grow every time he lied in "My What Big Ears You Have"?
  9. The star of which sitcom found their ego sunk after a bonk on the nose in "A Nose by Any Other Name"?
  10. As usual, the boss of this workplace sitcom gets a little frazzled when his wife announces she's pregnant in "The Patter of Little Feet":
Can you match all these body part episode titles to the correct sitcom?

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