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Can you match fatherly quotes to the correct TV dad?

Solid proof you listened to all your sitcom fathers.

The best TV dads had the best advice, and on sitcom after sitcom, each developed his own way to talk things over with his kids.

If you love family sitcoms, it's likely you tuned in for these fatherly moments, featuring some tall figures of TV history including Ward, Mike, Andy, Rob, Steve and many more.

Think you can tell a TV dad by the things he says to his kids? Scroll through the quotes below and try to prove how much you respected dad's words, sitcom to sitcom.
  1. “There is one thing that women like men to do. It's what they call ‘a romantic gesture.’ We men call it ‘eating crow.’”
  2. "A thing is either right or it's wrong and if it's wrong in the first place... then it's still wrong no matter how many people do it."
  3. “I'm just gonna have tell my little boy that his daddy is a great big stupid lox.”
  4. "I don't want him to be the kind of boy lookin' for fights, but I don't want him to run from one when he's in the right."
  5. "This is the first time in my life I've ever used the word, 'daughter.'"
  6. “You know that's none of your business. Your tattling is not right and could get other people into trouble.”
  7. “Very adventurous spirit. I didn't run away from home until I was eight.”
  8. “Who could eat breakfast around here?! I'm going down to the store.”
  9. "Horatio is not the only needy boy… Son, uh, didn't you ever give anybody anything just for the pleasure of it. Something you didn't want anything in return for?"
  10. “Mommy and I, we went to bed that night, and we were kind of expecting you might be born just that night, so we were lying in bed reading, wondering when you were going to be born.”
  11. "A man never gets so old, that he forgets how it was being a little boy."
  12. Bonus dad question: Pick out the dad whose catchphrase was “Jiminy Crickets!”
Can you match fatherly quotes to the correct TV dad?

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