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Can you match the bad guy to the classic arcade game?

Prove you deserve to punch your initials into the top score.

Arcade games introduced us to a a wide array of heroes, each with baddies that plagued your game play.

Did you hold the top score on classic arcade games from the 1970s and 1980s? We pulled the most meddlesome villains from the bestselling games from the golden age of arcade games. See if we can stump you or if you deserve the top score here, too!
  1. This great ape made trouble on which arcade game?
  2. These snakes would eventually jump out in which arcade game?
  3. These monsters dwelled underground in which arcade game?
  4. These alligators made it harder to beat levels in which arcade game?
  5. This fried egg was shook up with it meant to be a baddy in which arcade game?
  6. These colorful ghosts were a spooky element of which arcade game?
  7. These crabs were an early bad guy on which arcade game?
  8. These bright blobs with eyes could be defeated on which arcade game?
  9. These ghosts would swarm on which arcade game?
  10. This was the tough guy to beat on which fighting game?
Can you match the bad guy to the classic arcade game?

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