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Can you match the fake rock band to the correct TV show?

Remember phony groups like the Mosquitoes and Scum of the Earth?

It's not easy getting rock bands onto TV shows. They act like, well, rock stars and you probably have to pay them a bunch of money for the appearance and music usage. 

It's much easier to just make up a fake band.

Which is why television has given us so many fun, fictional groups. Below, we booked 11 of our favorites. See if you can match these made-up musicians to the correct television series. Rock it!
  1. Bobby Fleet & His Band with a Beat had a run-in with the law on which classic show?
  2. The Mosquitoes bugged characters (or maybe it was the other way around) on which show?
  3. Remember Leather and the Suedes?
  4. Scum of the Earth turned up on which sitcom?
  5. Rick Springfield played a member of Antimatter on which show?
  6. Main characters of this sitcom banded together to form The Ladybugs.
  7. The Bedbugs showed up aboard a wagon on which show?
  8. Don Most of Happy Days (yep, that's him) turned into the KISS-like character Moloch on which show?
  9. Johnny Fish & The Fins rocked and rolled on an early episode of this show.
  10. Eric Idle (Monty Python) and Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) were members of Benny & The Beefeaters on this sitcom.
  11. The main character of this sitcom went kind of goth to front The Gories.
Can you match the fake rock band to the correct TV show?

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