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Can you match the groovy 1970s uniform to the correct fast food chain?

Polyester and stripes everywhere!

Fast food restaurants were much more colorful inside in the 1970s. Well, assuming those colors were brown, orange and yellow — with the occasional blue.

The employees dressed in far more extravagant uniforms, too. Stripes, straps and floppy caps abounded. All polyester, naturally. Or, well, unnaturally. 

If you wore one, you definitely remember it. If you ate at these popular chains, or even just saw the commercials, you might remember them, as well. Put your fast food memory to the test! See how many you can guess!
  1. At this chain, employees truly earned their stripes. And overalls. And floppy cap.
  2. Baby-blue paper caps topped the cool colors of this uniform.
  3. Frosty blue and white stripes popped off the shirt and golf cap at this chain.
  4. Big, brown bonnets with a colorful border topped these busy uniforms.
  5. Orange and yellow were sure to jump out and grab your attention.
  6. Brown and yellow color blocking with a fat, orange fly collar. Now that is a look.
  7. The logo back then looked more like an orange X. Dig the mod spoon-neck uniform in orange, too.
  8. With a checkered gingham look, bonnet and straps, these women looked ready to cater a picnic.
  9. The corporate colors may have been green and yellow, but they wore these bold outfits in the kitchen.
  10. Eve Plumb of the Brady Bunch appeared in one of their commercials in the '70s and wore an outfit like this.
Can you match the groovy 1970s uniform to the correct fast food chain?

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