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Can you match the most memorable Twilight Zone characters to the right episode?

Test your memory for characters Rod Serling made sure need no introduction.

Most episodes of The Twilight Zone include a moment of introduction, where Rod Serling calls each character who walks into his eerie scenes distinct names and then gives us a hint as to the fate that lies ahead in TV's most dreaded destination.

These names are so key to connecting with the audience, that you won't find a single reboot that doesn't make reference to iconic characters out of respect for Rod Serling's legacy, right up to the reboot on air today.

That's why knowing these names adds another layer of intrigue for the biggest fans of the original series. You just pick up on so much more, the more you connect with these characters.

Do you think you can name names when it comes to some of The Twilight Zone's most memorable guests?

Find out by acing the quiz below! We'll give you a name of someone who entered The Twilight Zone, and all you have to do is choose the correct episode that spelled out their fate. Good luck!
  1. Miss Janet Tyler saw stereotypes flipped in which classic episode of The Twilight Zone?
  2. Lou Bookman tries to make a deal with death in which classic episode of The Twilight Zone?
  3. Mr. Robert Wilson had arguably the worst nightmare in Twilight Zone history:
  4. Nan Adams notably experienced terror as a constant companion in:
  5. Billy Bayles terrified us playing with a particular toy in:
  6. People quickly learned to mind themselves around Anthony Fremont in:
  7. This iconic episode starts off with Michael Chambers refusing a meal:
  8. Ellis Fowler is forced into retirement but ends up in The Twilight Zone instead in:
  9. Jerry Etherson was not prepared for an unexpected twist in his stage act in:
  10. One of the last kids we saw in The Twilight Zone was Sport Sharewood in:
Can you match the most memorable Twilight Zone characters to the right episode?

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