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Can you match the synopsis to the I Love Lucy episode?

How well do you know your I Love Lucy episodes?

I Love Lucy is one of the most beloved shows on TV, and for good reason! Test your knowledge of Lucy's antics as you try and match episode descriptions to their correct titles. Good luck!
  1. Worried that Ricky is starting to lose interest in her, Lucy decides to remind Ricky of Cuba and his childhood. With Ethel's help she decorates the home and decides to impersonate a singer like Ricky's mom.
  2. Lucy has her baby.
  3. Lucy and Ethel play matchmaker for one of Fred's friends who is visiting from out of town, but things get complicated.
  4. With dreams of making a fortune, Lucy and Ethel buy their own dress shop.
  5. Lucy and Ethel go into business making salad dressing based on Lucy's Aunt Martha's recipe. Their advertising on a local TV show looks like a success, but when Ricky finds that they're losing money on each jar, the girls have to find a way to get their customers to cancel their orders.
  6. The Ricardos and Mertzes take a marriage quiz. One question involves past romances, and Ricky makes up a story about an old girlfriend from Cuba, Carlotta Romero. When a real Cuban entertainer of the same name is performing in town, Ricky is in trouble.
  7. Lucy gets Ricky to perform with her at a benefit for Ethel's club.
  8. When Ricky gets a long-term gig in Maine, the Ricardos sublease their apartment for two months. When the gig is canceled, the new tenant refuses to give up the sublease. Lucy and Ethel try to force the new tenant to leave.
  9. Lucy pretends to be Fred and Ethel's maid to impress Fred's old vaudeville partner.
  10. Lucy is suspected of being the mysterious woman burglar, Madame X.
Can you match the synopsis to the I Love Lucy episode?

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