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Can you match the TV stars to their longest-running shows?

Who had more years: Taylor or Matlock? Slaughter or Stubing?

Lighting can strike twice. Some actors managed to star in two hit TV shows. We just can't get enough of these stars.

You remember the shows. What might surprise you is which series lasted longer.

See if you can pass this TV trivia test!
  1. Which Lorne Greene show had more seasons?
  2. Which Andy Griffith show had more seasons?
  3. Which Gavin MacLeod show had more seasons?
  4. Which Ted Knight show had more seasons?
  5. Which Lucille Ball sitcom had the most seasons?
  6. Which Dick Van Dyke show had more seasons?
  7. Which Bob Denver comedy had more seasons?
  8. Which Bea Arthur sitcom had more seasons?
  9. Which Carroll O'Connor series had more seasons?
  10. Which Tom Selleck show had more seasons?
  11. Which Robert Culp show had more seasons?
Can you match the TV stars to their longest-running shows?

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