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Can you match these adorable dogs to the correct 1950s TV show?

Who's a good boy?

Image: The Everett Collection

Hopefully this quiz is not too ruff. We have wrangled ten cute pooches from 1950s television. All you have to do is match them to the correct owners. Don't worry — we won't make you sit up and beg to enjoy this treat. Have fun!
  1. This iconic TV dog made her TV debut in 1954.
  2. This here is Fremont. He was the neighbor's dog on which family sitcom?
  3. Coco here first showed up in an episode called "The Monster" on which family sitcom?
  4. This pooch stole the show on a 1957 series adapted from a popular crime novel and film series.
  5. Bullet was there to help out his cowboy friend. Which cowboy friend?
  6. The men of this family are feeding a dog for a Kel-L Ration promo after the episode.
  7. Windy the dog could be seen on which children's show?
  8. Perhaps you recognize the fellow holding this dog?
  9. Jasper here was a good boy. Where could you watch Jasper?
  10. Finally, this supernatural sitcom featured a St. Bernard named Neil.
Can you match these adorable dogs to the correct 1950s TV show?

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