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Can you match these boat names to the correct TV shows?

Try not to spring a leak!

It's time to see if your TV knowledge will sink or float. This quiz is all about TV boats!

Try to match this fleet of ships to the correct television series. Well, okay, one is a little leaky fishing boat.

Is your armada of trivia up for the voyage? Good luck!

  1. This sitcom centered around the passengers of the S.S. Minnow.
  2. What was the name of the cruise ship on 'The Love Boat'?
  3. This military show sailed aboard PT-73.
  4. This Sixties show featured a futuristic submarine called the Seaview.
  5. Which Mayberry character owns a rowboat named Gertrude in the Andy Griffith Show episode "The Manhunt"?
  6. The speedboat Ebb Tide is just one of the cool vehicles on this '80s action show.
  7. Lloyd Bridges played a frogman aboard the Argonaut on this series.
  8. Which character on 'The Simpsons' owns a yacht called Gone Fission?
  9. The mysterious Lady Anne was part of a hour-long tale on this series in 1963.
  10. The lead character of this show owned a casino yacht called Fortuna II.
  11. This cop lived aboard a boat called St. Vitus Dance.
  12. This Sixties sitcom took place aboard the USS Kiwi.
Can you match these boat names to the correct TV shows?

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