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Can you match these classic TV characters with their parents?

Parents, right? They're always dropping in on your favorite shows.

Throughout sitcom history, we've seen TV stars visited by their parents. Sometimes it's an estranged mom or dad. In other cases, it's a pair of parents who regularly coming knocking.

Here, your challenge is to either search your memory for these prominent guest stars or simply look for the family resemblance that casting agents hope you'd notice. Can you connect the mom or dad with the correct TV character?

Take this quiz and see how many TV family trees you can branch together. Good luck!
  1. On Laverne & Shirley, we saw a lot of this dad. Was Laverne or Shirley his daughter?
  2. This fancy mom turned up on Cheers because her daughter worked there. Which Cheers star was her TV daughter?
  3. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, this mom had a strained relationship with her TV daughter. Who was it?
  4. On The Facts of Life, this girl dealt with her dad doing jail time. Whose dad was it?
  5. On the Dick Van Dyke Show, we saw a decent amount of the in-laws. Whose parents are pictured below, Rob's or Laura's?
  6. Fans of this classic sitcom sweetheart will recognize her mom, pictured here, who factored into many plots:
  7. Her son may have been the boss of the office, but he was always quick to bow to his mother's will. Whose mom is this?
  8. There was plenty of parenting to watch on Full House, but which of the Tanner girls' father figures called this guy his pops?
  9. Let's switch things up to look a little closer at the family tree of The Odd Couple. Did this daughter call Felix or Oscar dad?
  10. Cruise over to Taxi for the last question. Which main character gets upset when his mother (pictured here) decides she wants to get remarried?
Can you match these classic TV characters with their parents?

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