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Can you match these classic TV shows to their original titles?

Wait, which beloved sitcom began as 'Head of the Family'??

Some people say that your first idea is always your best. Nah. Several classic TV shows have proven that false. 

Name changes can be for the good. But not always.

Whatever title you might prefer, the fact is some television series changed their name after production began. A few rethought the title immediately after the pilot episodes — some others waited until the second, third, fourth season.

See if you can match these before-and-after titles from TV history.

  1. A fan letter campaign saved Battlestar Galactic from cancelation. It returned for a second season titled…?
  2. The Danny Thomas Show originally went by this title.
  3. The 1980s Jason Bateman sitcom The Hogan Family began under this title.
  4. Wonder Woman changed networks… and changed its title to this for its second and third seasons.
  5. Saved by the Bell began in a different setting under this alternate title.
  6. Sebastian Cabot hosted the spooky anthology series Circle of Fear. What was it originally called for its first 13 episodes?
  7. The Ed Sullivan Show began under this title.
  8. The pilot episode of this cherished family sitcom aired as "It's a Small World" on the anthology series Heinz Studio 57.
  9. The pilot for this classic sitcom had a different title — Head of the Family — and a different lead actor!
  10. In its sixth season, this 1980s sitcom was retitled The Ted Knight Show. What was it originally called?
  11. This unlikely detective show spin-off was retitled Kate Loves a Mystery in its second season. What was it originally called?
  12. Which 1990s sitcom was called These Friends of Mine in its first season.
Can you match these classic TV shows to their original titles?

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