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Can you match these DJs to the correct TV shows?

Give this TV challenge a spin!

It's time to take a spin and wax nostalgic about classic TV! See if you can set the record straight.

We gathered 10 disc jockeys and radio announcers from memorable shows and episodes.

See if you can match these radio personalities to the correct series!

  1. She dabbled as a disc jockey in 1965.
  2. Who is this manning the boards in "100 Terrible Hours"?
  3. He really relished his role as DJ in "Your Hit Parade."
  4. Recognize this kid on the radio waves?
  5. Real-life legend Wolfman Jack played a "Disco Devil" in this Seventies series.
  6. He defended rock 'n' roll in "Good Morning, Peoria."
  7. Hot Rod Harry was the popular radio personality on this show.
  8. We wonder what ever became of him?
  9. DJ Charlie The Prince was the hip record slinger at WOW on this show.
  10. Shock jock Athur Saxon was accused of murder in "The D.J.," an episode of this series in 1989.
Can you match these DJs to the correct TV shows?

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