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Can you match these offices to the correct TV shows?

Do you recognize these classic TV workplaces?

Nowadays, setting a sitcom in a workplace seems like an obvious choice but that wasn’t always the case. When half-hour comedies were first starting out, they mostly revolved around a family at home.

After The Dick Van Dyke Show and then The Mary Tyler Moore Show proved that the office could be funny, whole new sub-genre was born.

Here are 12 classic TV workplaces from all kinds of shows. Can you recognize what each office is from?

  1. This car was brought into the workplace on which sitcom?
  2. Do you recognize this cushy office furniture?
  3. A TV and a piano! This office is from...
  4. What show is this military workplace from?
  5. Do you know whose office this is?
  6. This police station looks more like a living room. It's from...
  7. Can you place this sci-fi workstation?
  8. Someone once got caught growing mushrooms in the office on which show?
  9. What show is this desk from?
  10. What show is this office from?
  11. What show is this police station from?
  12. What sitcom is this office from?
Can you match these offices to the correct TV shows?

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