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Can you match these spooky mansions to the right movies?

Do you know these eerie estates, creepy castles and mysterious manors?

An important part of any good horror film is the setting. Creating the perfect creepy atmosphere is half the battle when trying to scare the audience.

The movies in this quiz had no problem with their locations, they all used spooky houses and mansions! See if you can match each estate to the right film.

  1. What Hitchcock movie is this iconic mansion from?
  2. This house got an unfortunate makeover in...
  3. This gothic masterpiece is from which Universal horror sequel?
  4. What movie is this haunted house from?
  5. Do you recognize this mansion? It's from...
  6. Which Hammer horror movie is this spooky castle from?
  7. Do you know which movie this house is from?
  8. This creepy mansion is from...
  9. What movie is this eerie estate from?
  10. Do you know what this haunted mansion is from?
  11. What movie is this mansion from?
  12. This house looks almost pleasant, though it's far from it in...
Can you match these spooky mansions to the right movies?

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