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Can you match these TV stars to their original screen names?

"Don Sturdy" and "Cherie Moor" later turned into TV stars of a different name.

To make it in Hollywood, you need more than looks and talent. You also need a memorable name.

For some stars, it took a couple tries to get the perfect screen name. 

Below, you'll find some famous television performers billed — before they were famous. Yep, this is how they were credited early in their careers. See if you can match the names to the correct star!
  1. This icon was billed as "Mary Moore" when she appeared on Bourbon Street Beat.
  2. Which member of Charlie's Angels was known as "Cherie Moor" on Josie and the Pussycats?
  3. He was known as "Touch Connors" early in his career.
  4. This member of The Monkees was first billed as "Mickey Braddock" as a child star.
  5. Which male member of The Brady Bunch was billed by his given last name "Rietz" early in his career?
  6. This '60s action hero was first billed as "Will West" when he appeared on an episode of Philco Television Playhouse titled "The Joker."
  7. This sitcom actress first came to fame under her maiden name, "Noblette."
  8. He was billed as "Jameel Farah" early in his career, as seen here in Blackboard Jungle.
  9. This Larry was first billed in an episode of West Point by the name "Larry Hagland."
  10. In an episode of The Hunter in the early 1950s, he was known as "Jack Ryan."
  11. Which member of The Golden Girls was billed as "Patty Leigh" in the film How to Succeed with Girls?
  12. Finally, this funny fellow was billed as "Don Sturdy" when he played a "Counterboy" on The Andy Griffith Show.
Can you match these TV stars to their original screen names?

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