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Can you name all of these black and white TV shows?

Before there was color TV, there were these influential shows.

The earliest days of TV remains some of the best for a reason: These hit shows shaped everything that came after.

But to modern viewers used to a more colorful picture on their screens of all sizes, it may be difficult to distinguish between a sitcom or a drama, let alone spy the difference between all those TV Westerns.

So, classic TV expert, this quiz is designed exclusively for you. If you know your black and white shows, this will be simple as pie. Good luck!
  1. This detective shown here is the star of which black and white TV show?
  2. Here's another star of a hit black and white show who had to deal with criminals often. Which show is it?
  3. Here's a '50s housewife you met on this classic sitcom:
  4. This fine group formed the core characters on this '60s sitcom:
  5. You'll recognize the street sign from this famous episode of which classic TV show?
  6. The cowboy shown here has a distinct squint on this classic TV Western:
  7. Here's another hilarious classic TV housewife whose antics we followed on this show:
  8. This was the extravagant family home on which early hit TV show?
  9. Here's a sitcom mom as she appeared in the opening credits of which classic TV show?
  10. Our final TV flashback comes from this Western that ran for five seasons about a widowed cowboy and his son:
Can you name all of these black and white TV shows?

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