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Can you name all these 1970s TV movies?

Test your memory of the movie of the week.

Photo by Frank Okay on Unsplash

The 1970s was the prime time for TV movies. That's when the networks were rivals for the kinds of movie fans who weren't afraid to stay in on any given day of the week to catch feature films by talents like Steven Spielberg, Dan Curtis and many more.

Below, we've snipped scenes from 10 TV movies that any '70s fan would recognize. See if you can pick the correct name for each one, or if time has weakened your memory of these movies of the week. Good luck!

  1. Dennis Weaver starred in this 1971 TV movie that served as Steven Spielberg's full-length movie directorial debut:
  2. Aired as a two-part miniseries, this 1976 TV movie starred Sally Field in the title role:
  3. This 1972 eerie TV movie went on to become a short-lived but much-revered TV series.
  4. In 1971, ABC scored with this Emmy-winning movie of the week, about two football players who form a tight-knit friendship:
  5. This was a particularly horrifying character from this 1975 anthology TV movie:
  6. People love to poke fun at this 1972 TV movie, but it won an Emmy for best makeup anyway:
  7. It was the costumes that turned heads in this 1975 TV movie, starring Elizabeth Montgomery:
  8. This 1970 TV movie about a hippie who joins the Marines to fulfill his civic duty won an Emmy for its screenplay:
  9. William Demarest showed up as a handyman in this 1973 TV movie that more recently was remade for a theatrical release. It had goblin-like creatures you couldn't forget:
  10. The Brady Bunch's Eve Plumb starred in this 1976 TV movie about a 15-year-old girl who has to survive alone in society:
Can you name all these 1970s TV movies?

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