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Can you name all these cartoon bears?

Grin and bear it.

What's better than a cartoon bear? From Disney's best lovable lugs to the '80s and its Care Bear stare, kids have found bears funnier than a barrel of monkeys for decades.

Think you can bear to put that love to the test?

Below, we've pulled pictures of some of our favorite cartoon bears through the ages. See if you can name them all!
  1. This might be Disney's best-loved bear. What's his name?
  2. This little guy was a notable sidekick in the cartoon bear world. What's his name?
  3. In the 1980s, we got to see this fictional bear as a cartoon baby bear. What's his name?
  4. Here's another lovable Disney cartoon bear we met in the 1970s. What's his name?
  5. This bear would likely be forgotten if not for appearing in a popular Disney World ride. What's his name?
  6. The Care Bears cartoon premiered in the 1980s. What's this Care Bear's name?
  7. Also in the 1980s, Disney had a hit with this cartoon based on the candy gummi bears. What was this bear's name?
  8. What was Woody Woodpecker's panda pal's name?
  9. Here's a throwback to make '70s kids smile: What was this bear's name on Help! ... It's the Hair Bear Bunch?
  10. This familiar fuzzy face was introduced to us in 1950 in a Goofy cartoon. What was his name?
Can you name all these cartoon bears?

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