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Can you name all these cartoon birds?

You're despicable if you miss these big birds!

Cartoon history is full of birds of a feather who all knew how to make kids laugh. Some of them even had iconic laughs that kids are still imitating today.

Do you think you're one of TV's biggest animated birdwatchers? Prove it by IDing all these odd birds below!
  1. This is the first appearance ever of which classic TV duck?
  2. This Looney Tunes character is one of the most popular in the franchise:
  3. This bird's laugh might be more famous than its face:
  4. It took Peanuts four years to name Snoopy's best friend:
  5. Wile E. Coyote could never quite keep up with this bird:
  6. Donald Duck's sweetheart was named what?
  7. Sometimes this classic cartoon penguin can be found in Antarctica; other times he lives in Alaska:
  8. The only child of Miss Prissy, this young chick lives in Foghorn Leghorn's coop:
  9. In Winnie the Pooh cartoons, this know-it-all character had a simple name:
  10. This young Looney Tunes vulture's prominent Adam's apple fueled a lot of laughs:
  11. In the Tom and Jerry cartoons, this yellow duck was often chased by Tom and guarded by Jerry.
  12. On The Yogi Bear Show, this yellow duck was a tribute to the Tom and Jerry character in the previous question:
  13. This cartoon penguin came from the creators of Underdog and starred in his own cartoon:
Can you name all these cartoon birds?

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