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Can you name all these No. 1 albums from 1974?

Time to go digging in the crates for some greats. More than 20 different albums went to No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 1974. There was a lot of success to go around! (By comparison, only five different albums topped the Billboard 200 in 1984.) 

Music was rich and diverse, as folk, soul, pop and rock rocketed to the top. 

Let's see if you can identify these best-selling records from that year. If it helps, the musicians are on most of the covers.
  1. Her album 'The Way We Were' was No. 1 for two weeks in March.
  2. The Rolling Stones hit No. 1 around Thanksgiving with this album, named after one of their biggest hits of the decade.
  3. This former Beatle invited some celebrity friends to pose on the cover, which popped up at No. 1 a few times throughout the year.
  4. This former Beatle drew the artwork for his No. 1 album, 'Walls and Bridges.'
  5. His 'Fullfillingness' First Finale' sat at No. 1 for two weeks in September.
  6. This soul crooner went to No. 1 in October with 'Can't Get Enough.'
  7. She hit No. 1 on October 12 with her album 'If You Love Me Let Me Know.'
  8. Who released this No. 1 album, titled 'Caribou'?
  9. He posed outside '461 Ocean Boulevard' for this No. 1.
  10. It was no 'Tapestry,' but her 'Wrap Around Joy' went No. 1 on November 9.
  11. He posed with friends both human and furry on the cover of 'Back Home Again,' No. 1 on the charts the week of August 10.
  12. His album 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim' parked at No. 1 for five weeks, as much as any album in 1974. Jim who?
  13. His 'Sundown' rose to No. 1 for two weeks in August.
  14. BTO's 'Not Fragile' went to No. 1 in mid-October. "BTO" stands for what?
  15. This musician drew the cover to his No. 1 album 'Planet Waves' himself.
Can you name all these No. 1 albums from 1974?

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