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Can you name the TV show by its adorable dog?

How well do you know your Hollywood canines?

The Brady Bunch had Tiger. Married with Children featured the scruffy Buck. Stella steals scenes in Modern Family. Man's best friend has been an essential part of the sitcom for decades. A TV family just is not complete without a lovable dog.

Of course, some famous detectives had pooches, too.

We gathered some dogs from classic television shows. We show you a dog, you name the show. Careful, it gets a little ruff.
  1. Now that is a rare breed.
  2. He had powers.
  3. Who is this cutie knocking on the door?
  4. He had spunk.
  5. Chilling on the station couch.
  6. Who's feet are these?
  7. They called him "The Ugliest Dog in the World." C'mon, that's not very nice.
  8. This guy became a major star.
  9. He could use a hug.
  10. He seems like a good pooch.
  11. Where is this guy walking into?
  12. He was certainly shaggy.
Can you name the TV show by its adorable dog?

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