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Can you name the TV show by its baseball episode?

Hey, batter, batter, batter…

Welcome to the major leagues of TV trivia. Step up to the plate. We're tossing 12 images at you. Can you name the TV show and hit it out of the park?

Play ball!
  1. Some of the main characters were baseball players.
  2. A close call at home! But where is home?
  3. You should recognize the redhead in the outfield.
  4. Would you want him on your team?
  5. L.A. Dodgers legend Don Drysdale was the guest star on…?
  6. Who's wearing that Mud Hens uniform?
  7. WPIG? Who would be playing them?
  8. Where were these little leaguers?
  9. These three played a rather tiring game.
  10. Which show featured a game between the Logicians and the Niners?
  11. Which show featured these snazzy uniforms?
  12. This game took place in…?
Can you name the TV show by its baseball episode?

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