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Can you name the TV shows that featured these Thanksgiving Pilgrims?

Can you Plymouth rock this quiz?

Thanksgiving is just not Thanksgiving without a few certain things — turkey, the Macy's parade, the Detroit Lions on TV, pie, cornucopias. Of course, we should remember how it all started.

That's why TV shows often feature characters dressed as Pilgrims in their Thanksgiving episodes. We've gathered a gaggle of Pilgrims seen on television from the 1960s through the 1990s.

See if you can match them to the correct title! Good luck!

  1. She was the only one dressed up for the occasion on this sitcom.
  2. They went from the '50s back to the '20s — the 1620s.
  3. Who is chomping the cob?
  4. Recognize these Pilgrims?
  5. Which horse is getting dressed for the holiday?
  6. Put these Pilgrims into the correct show.
  7. This Pilgrim puppet could be found on which children's show?
  8. How about this young Pilgrim?
  9. This Pilgrim has weathered a rough storm.
  10. These kids are putting on a Thanksgiving play.
  11. These two Pilgrims have the same name.
  12. The Pilgrim on the right? That's Carol Burnett! She was dressed up when she was a cast member of this comedy series.
Can you name the TV shows that featured these Thanksgiving Pilgrims?

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