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Can you name these 1950s TV shows from their opening credits alone?

The answers are as clear as black and white.

As Back to the Future and Happy Days proved, it can be great fun to revisit the 1950s. So, let's go back to the era of poodle skirts and tail fins. We grabbed a single frame from the opening credits of popular Fifties television shows.

Can you identify the TV series from the one image alone? Good luck!
  1. Do you know this show by heart?
  2. Recognize this silhouette?
  3. Does this skyline ring a bell?
  4. Who is that man in a suit?
  5. You be the judge of this one.
  6. Showdown! Any of these cowboys familiar, partner?
  7. See if you can toon in to this one.
  8. The men on this show did things by the book.
  9. This hip detective show kicked off in '58.
  10. This Western took place in Texas, obviously.
  11. Step up to the blackboard and give your answer.
  12. Name this crime show by this scene.
  13. You know Betty White, but do you know the show?
  14. Keep your "I" on this one.
Can you name these 1950s TV shows from their opening credits alone?

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