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Can you name these 1960s Disney movies from a single image?

Back then, family films were all about dogs, cats, cars and chimney sweeps!

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Disney releases dozens of movies every year. It was no different back in the 1960s. The House of Mouse churned out live-action and animated films for the entire family. Some of them are classics. Others remain relatively obscure gems.

If you grew up in the era — or even if you watched The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights in the following decades — you probably watched a lot of them.

Let's see how well you remember them. Every title listed below is a real Disney release. (Not all of them are from the 1960s, however. This is a challenge, after all.)

Pick the correct movie!
  1. That's a striking image of chimney sweepers.
  2. It's Hayley Mills — times two!
  3. Does the baby look familiar?
  4. Hayley Mills again, with a feline friend.
  5. Dogs and cars were staples of Disney movies.
  6. The old man looks ready for the '80s, but he hit screens in the '60s.
  7. More high jinks with dogs!
  8. More high jinks with cars!
  9. You're going to have to search a little harder for this answer.
  10. Hey, it's a young Kurt Russell!
Can you name these 1960s Disney movies from a single image?

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