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Can you name these 1970s Disney movies from the opening credits?

Take it back to the golden days of Dean Jones and Jodie Foster.

Image: Disney

Walt Disney Pictures released about 50 movies in the 1970s alone. That included live-action, animation and those rare gems that combined the two. As soon as we see that bright green "Buena Vista" in brushstroke against a blue background — the first thing seen in most of these movies — it takes us right back to childhood. 

Even if you didn't grow up in the 1970s, Disney being Disney, you likely watched these films repeatedly in the 1980s, '90s and 21st century. Now, most of them are available on Disney+. 

These movies cast many beloved MeTV stars. Familiar faces like Don Knotts, Dean Jones and Jodie Foster popped up throughout them. Let's see if you can recognize these vintage gems — from a single image of the opening credits.

  1. Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette starred in this sequel.
  2. Disney has remade this Jodie Foster favorite a couple of times.
  3. Disney tried to capture some of that Star Wars magic with this.
  4. This movie featured both a future Real Housewife and a Green Acres star.
  5. Angela Lansbury was in this beloved tale.
  6. These credits had a rooster as the narrator.
  7. This took place in Paris.
  8. TV stars Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor were the big names in the cast.
  9. Dean Jones was in this one, too.
  10. Kurt Russell headlined this comedy.
Can you name these 1970s Disney movies from the opening credits?

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