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Can you name these 1970s TV celebrities on 'That '70s Show'?

We're feeling nostalgic for nostalgia.

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That '70s Show premiered 20 years ago. Which means were are now further away from the start of That '70s Show than That '70s Show was away from the Seventies. 

The sitcom mined nostalgia for the bygone groovy era. In that sense, it was the Happy Days for Gen-Xers. 

The show packed in every 1970s fad, from fly collars and flared pants to lava lamps and disco. Oh, and That '70s Show also welcomed loads of famous TV celebrities of the 1970s.

Even if you never watch it, we bet you will recognize these familiar faces. You can see most of them on MeTV. Try to name them all.
  1. He played a landlord here. Of course, he was a landlord before when he played what character?
  2. She starred in a brilliant 1970s sitcom set in which city?
  3. He played a DJ here. Of course, he played a DJ before. What was that character's name?
  4. He was once a captain. A captain of what?
  5. You know them as brothers. Which brothers?
  6. He was somebody's dad. Who was he the father of?
  7. You know her better as…?
  8. Friends of the family called her…?
  9. Who did she play?
  10. He was the young kid on what show?
  11. Finally, you could find this rocker front which massive 1970s band? (Without a hamburger in his mouth.)
Can you name these 1970s TV celebrities on 'That '70s Show'?

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