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Can you name these classic 1968 movies from their posters alone?

What an incredible year for film. And posters!

You don't have to have been alive fifty years ago to know the biggest movies of 1968. These films remain classics today. And what a year it was!

In fact, in some cases, they're even bigger now.

Grab a big bucket of popcorn, put on your thinking cap and see if you can identify these great flicks from '68. We'll show you a sliver of the poster with a little hint.
  1. Before there was Star Wars, there was this to blow our minds.
  2. This jaw-dropping sci-fi classic came out on the same day, April 3. Now that's a weekend at the movies.
  3. Speaking of shocking endings, this horror flick kept us up at night.
  4. Here's another horror classic from that year.
  5. Okay, enough of the scary stuff. How about this childrens' classic?
  6. Here's another kids' favorite.
  7. Here's a fun one for adults and kids alike.
  8. This one eventually led to a sitcom.
  9. This musical earned a bunch of Oscar nominations… and the award for Best Actress.
  10. For lovers of car chases.
  11. Recognize this kooky cult favorite?
  12. Finally, here's another cult classic, from the minds of the Monkees — and writer Jack Nicholson.
Can you name these classic 1968 movies from their posters alone?

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