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Can you name these hit 1978 albums by the record covers?

As the Who themselves asked that year: Who are you?

It was a landmark year for disco, punk and pop. Yes, 1978 had a bit of everything, which is reflected in these albums covers. Below you will find record sleeves of 15 hit LPs that were released that year. See if you can match the artwork to the musicians.

Good luck!
  1. This soundtrack sold millions.
  2. Hard to argue that this disco group didn't have a look.
  3. These rock 'n' rollers dabbled with disco, too.
  4. This group looked sharp in bold black and white.
  5. 1978 was quite the year for debut albums. Let's look at a handful. Who is this?
  6. Who is this fresh-faced power trio?
  7. This icon released his debut solo album that year, too.
  8. Which band slapped this stylish photo on its first record?
  9. How about this retro styled debut album cover?
  10. Moving on… The Gibbs brothers dominated 1978 charts. Which Gibb is this?
  11. Each member of KISS released a solo album that year. Which one is this?
  12. Which band is this? It would be the last for the drummer.
  13. Who are these mannequin men?
  14. Who is this hanging out on 52nd Street?
  15. Finally, it took 529 Polaroid photos to make this piece of art.
Can you name these hit 1978 albums by the record covers?

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