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Can you name these movies that flopped in 1968?

Looks like Dick Van Dyke and Disney weren't always a winning combination.

So many memorable movies came out in 1968, from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to The Planet of the Apes. But with so many delightful and groundbreaking films to remember that year, it was likely easy to forget the year's biggest flops.

Here, we've pulled some of the year's biggest box office failures, which barely register in film history despite boasting stars we all know and love, and challenge you: Name that movie. 

See if you can guess the right title every time. Good luck!
  1. Dick Van Dyke starred in this forgotten Disney movie about a second-rate actor mistaken for a gangster. What was it called?
  2. This family movie from 1968 is about a man who buys a racehorse for his daughter to try and win her over and market his company's new medicine. What was it called?
  3. Don Knotts plays an unwitting city kid who becomes a frontier dentist after college in this 1968 Western comedy. What was the movie called?
  4. Nancy Sinatra plays love interest to Elvis' fast-and-loose race car driver in this 1968 musical. What was it called?
  5. Did you ever see Bob Denver look so serious? In this 1968 movie, he plays a young protégé musician in conflict with a Malibu motorcycle gang. What was it called?
  6. That's Buddy Ebsen starred alongside Walter Brennan in this Disney family movie about a family band that moves to the Dakota territory at an unlucky time. What was the movie called?
  7. Jackie Gleason starred in this dark comedy about a retired mob kingpin. What was the movie called?
  8. Jack Nicholson and Dean Stockwell co-starred in this drama about a deaf runaway searching for her lost brother. What was the movie called?
  9. Here's another Elvis gem that faded into obscurity. In this 1968 musical, The King plays a photographer who must juggle two jobs to afford his apartment. What was it called?
  10. Walter Matthau plays a movie star in this 1968 film who is approached by his agent's wife to help her rekindle the flame in her marriage in a rather unusual way. What was it called?
Can you name these movies that flopped in 1968?

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