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Can you name these Sixties sitcoms with one image from the closing credits?

A true TV fan stays tuned until the very end.

The Sixties gave us dozens of delightful sitcoms. We believe you remember a good deal of them — more than you might think. 

We snatched a single image from the closing credits of 21 hit sitcoms of the 1960s. Just one frame should trigger your memory. See how many you can identify!
  1. Let's start with our title image. Recognize this blue screen?
  2. Do these faces ring a bell?
  3. See if you can figure this one out.
  4. Reflect on this image for a moment.
  5. Give yourself a hand if you recognize this.
  6. Who dwelled in these barracks?
  7. See if this registers on your radar.
  8. Take this one in stride.
  9. Do not adjust your screen — he was upside down.
  10. Keep your Lucy's straight.
  11. Ring a bell?
  12. Try to field this one.
  13. The name might not seem familiar, but perhaps the yard is.
  14. Kicking back on the sand.
  15. Franco-American for an All-American family.
  16. Who's behind "Bobo"?
  17. This one was a real gem.
  18. Who's that silhouette?
  19. Try not to get fenced in on this one.
  20. Now things get real hard.
  21. Finally, this sitcom ran for six seasons.
Can you name these Sixties sitcoms with one image from the closing credits?

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