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Can you name these stars on the cover of 'TV Guide' in 1968?

If they were on a magazine, they have to be recognizable, right?

Image: TV Guide

You know you've made it when your face graces the cover of the TV Guide. Back in the 1960s, this was like being a top trending topic on the internet for a week. It was a upper level of celebrity to make it on the cover of the listings magazine. Remember, we didn't have those nifty channel guides on our screens.

At some point, these people were all household names. After all, they were starring in new and hit television shows.

Think you can name them all? Good luck!

  1. This Rat Pack member was hosting a late night talk show that year.
  2. Speaking of the Rat Pack, this son of the Rat Pack was snuggling up with Joey Heatherton.
  3. Who is the third from the left with the red umbrella?
  4. Don't be fooled — he is not a natural blond.
  5. She was blazing trails for black actors in 1968.
  6. She was the first actress to portray a woman on a sitcom who kept her job after marriage and a child.
  7. Who is this cowboy?
  8. He formerly starred in '77 Sunset Strip,' but what show is Efrem Zimbalist promoting here with William Reynolds?
  9. That, of course, is Sally Field as the Flying Nun. But who is the gentleman with her?
  10. The Western star on the far left had a name like a Norse explorer and appeared on 'TV Guide' twice in 1968.
  11. You can watch her helping Raymond Burr solve crimes
  12. She appeared in the later years of 'Peyton Place.'
  13. This is Hope Lange. What new Saturday night sitcom is she promoting?
Can you name these stars on the cover of 'TV Guide' in 1968?

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