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Can you pick out the TV characters actually named Arnold?

Are you an expert on TV Arnolds?

When you think of Arnold, we all know who comes to mind, but if you're more of a classic TV than Terminator fan, this quiz is for you!

We've assembled a list of some of TV's most memorable Arnolds to see if you can point out each and every one. 

Yes, this quiz is random, but we think it's about time we allowed all these other Arnolds their chance to deliver on "I'll be back." Good luck!
  1. Was the star of Diff'rent Strokes named Arnold?
  2. Was the cousin on The Brady Bunch named Arnold?
  3. Was the hound dog on The Beverly Hillbillies named Arnold?
  4. Was this the owner of Arnold's on Happy Days?
  5. Was the doctor on The Love Boat named Arnold?
  6. Was The Big Guy on WKRP in Cincinnati actually named Arnold?
  7. Was the pet pig on Green Acres named Arnold?
  8. Was this class clown on Welcome Back, Kotter named Arnold?
  9. Was this pal of Opie's who showed up a lot named Arnold?
  10. Was Ann's boyfriend on That Girl named Arnold?
Can you pick out the TV characters actually named Arnold?

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