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Can you recognize every celebrity in this single episode of The Love Boat?

They were all famous in 1980!

The "Marriage-A-Thon Cruise" set sail at the beginning of season four on The Love Boat. It was a voyage with so much heart, they had to split it into two parts!

They stowed a load of celebrities aboard the ship for this outing. It was the typical mix of TV legends, current stars and soon-to-be familiar names.

Bear in mind that this aired in the fall of 1980. It helps to remember who was on TV at the time. See if you can identify all these guest stars from "The Family Plan/The Promoter/May the Best Man Win/Forever Engaged/The Judges."

  1. The woman flirting with Gopher here is best known for playing which character?
  2. She could be found playing an "Aunt" on which sitcom?
  3. This man in the ascot was the title character on which '70s series?
  4. She could be found on which hit series at the time?
  5. He got a bunch of laughs on which sitcom?
  6. He was best known for playing a character named…?
  7. The fellow was the star of which show?
  8. She is best associated with which Fifties title?
  9. She played a character named "Lucy" for years on which show?
  10. She had a sitcom premiere days before this Love Boat episode. What was it called?
  11. At the time, he was playing "Deputy Birdie Hawkins" on which show?
Can you recognize every celebrity in this single episode of The Love Boat?

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