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Can you recognize these iconic TV stars when they were young?

See if their faces still ring a bell a few decades earlier.

Stars — they were all young once! And we have the photographic proof. 

We gathered images of some true television icons. There's just one catch — we captured them long before they were famous. 

See if you can still recognize these future stars at a tender age. Good luck!
  1. He later enforced the law in which fictional city?
  2. Search this scene. You can spot a young man who was later seen aboard which ship?
  3. The young man on the left later became better known as…?
  4. This young woman would later work at a fictional sitcom station called…?
  5. Take a close look at this scene. Which 1980s cop can you spot?
  6. You know him by which TV name?
  7. Three decades later, he was still wearing a cowboy hat on which show?
  8. This young woman would later play a beloved TV character with what first name?
  9. Underneath all that hair is a true TV icon. Pick a sitcom on which she appeared.
  10. Here is a high school boy kicked back in 1924. You know him as the dad on which 1960s sitcom?
  11. Finally, this young woman would later carry which famous TV family name?
Can you recognize these iconic TV stars when they were young?

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