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Can you recognize these Peanuts characters by their hair alone?

We won't pull the football out from under you — take your best shot!

Peanuts image: McMeel Syndication

Charles Monroe "Sparky" Schulz is the creator of America's favorite group of kiddos to grace newsstands, the Peanuts gang. Schulz drew nearly 18,000 strips for the papers while he was writing, rarely taking a break between panels. 

Clearly Schulz knew these characters like the back of his hand — but we're curious to see if you know them just as well.

There are plenty of ways that you could pinpoint each character: a blue blanket can only mean Linus. A purple t-shirt? Definitely Schroeder. A little cloud of dust? That's our pal Pig-Pen!

But what if we took away those signature characteristics and left you with only... hair? Can you I.D. the Peanuts gang by their haircuts?

  1. Here's a bone for ya... recognize this fur?
  2. Recognize these classy bangs?
  3. How about this cute blue bow?
  4. What about this classic curl?
  5. Who does this 'do belong to?
  6. These classy dark bangs should look familiar...
  7. How about this red mop?
  8. These haphazard locks belong to...?
  9. Who's this blondie?
  10. Does this blunt bob ring a bell?
  11. Do you know these messy locks?
  12. This classy bun stood out from the crowd. Who does it belong to?
  13. Her naturally curly hair runs in the family. Know whose it is?
  14. Who rocks this 'do?
Can you recognize these Peanuts characters by their hair alone?

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