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Can you recognize these Top 10 movies from the fall of 1979?

From Star Trek to rock musicals, it was a great season for film.

Grab some popcorn! We're in the year 1979, so it only costs $1.50. 

Summer blockbusters are fun, but any cinephile knows that autumn is when the real quality stuff hits screens. The fall of '79 offered up some true classics.

We've grabbed a part of the poster from the biggest movies of late 1979. See how well you know these hit flicks.

  1. This hit Star Trek movie warped into theaters in 1979. Which Star Trek movie was it in the series?
  2. Dudley Moore starred in the smash adult comedy.
  3. This Steve Martin comedy remains a cult classic.
  4. This horse movie galloped into our hearts in 1979.
  5. This 1979 comedy flop remains one of the more forgotten Steven Spielberg films.
  6. This Peter Sellers gem received much acclaim come award season.
  7. This Disney sci-fi adventure featured some pretty nifty robots, like V.I.N.CENT and Maximilian.
  8. Bette Midler belted out the tunes in this rocking movie.
  9. All That Jazz was based on the life of this Broadway legend.
  10. This rock opera had Sting in a main role.
Can you recognize these Top 10 movies from the fall of 1979?

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