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Can you recognize who recorded these classic 1960s Christmas albums?

Everyone was in the spirit, from the Rat Pack to Motown.

For our money, no era beats the Sixties when it comes to Christmas music. You had a perfect mix of classic crooners, rock 'n' roll and Motown soul, not to mention a little country, too. It's hard to go wrong with any holiday album released that decade.

Below, we have gathered some of our favorites. Do you think you can name the artists on the album covers?

Good luck!

  1. They released this children's favorite in 1962.
  2. This Rat Pack crooner sang "Marshmallow World" on this platter.
  3. This rock group recorded five original songs, as well as "Frosty the Snowman."
  4. He released 'I Wish You A Merry Christmas' in 1962.
  5. 1965's 'Merry Christmas' was the seventh studio album from this trio.
  6. This TV star released her 'Christmas Album' in 1964.
  7. This duo recorded a Christmas album with the Boystown Choir in 1962.
  8. 'Snowfall' was his first Christmas album.
  9. 'Sounds of Christmas' was his second holiday album.
  10. His '25th Day of December' hit shops in 1960.
  11. Finally, who is the singer with her arms raised on the 1963 Phil Spector Christmas album?
Can you recognize who recorded these classic 1960s Christmas albums?

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