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Can you tell which TV characters are kissing?

This one's a real lip-smacker.

What is TV without romance? Whether you are making sitcoms, sci-fi or cowboy stories, you gotta throw in a few smooches.

Kisses are often the most memorable moments in a show, the culmination of seasons' worth of will-they-or-won't-they.

We gathered images from some lovely lip-locks across television. See how many of these sweet sixteen you can get right.

  1. Here's one historic TV kiss. Who's the lucky fella?
  2. You always remember your first kiss — and sometimes another kid's.
  3. Who's pecking Andy on the cheek?
  4. Even a rough cowboy enjoys a tender kiss.
  5. This cowboy was hardly green when it came to kissing.
  6. Are you detecting a kiss of Ginger?
  7. Raise a hand if you recognize the man in this kiss.
  8. Who is planting one on Richie Cunningham?
  9. Who are the lucky two in this lip lock?
  10. Who is giving Hogan a hug and a kiss?
  11. Who's the happy husband in this embrace?
  12. You're never too old for a kiss on the lips.
  13. Now this is what we called getting Goober-smacked. Who's kissing Goober?
  14. Who is the woman in pearls stealing a kiss?
  15. Who is this getting a kiss?
  16. Finally, suss out who is smoochin' in the shadows.
Can you tell which TV characters are kissing?

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