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Complete your vintage Christmas wish list and we'll guess your age

Take your picks from some of the hottest toys of all time.

For some kids, making a Christmas wish list meant grubbing up your mom's Sears Christmas Wishbook, circling the toys you wanted most. For others, it was the traditional letter to Santa, slyly intercepted and interpreted by earnest parents everywhere who tried to make Christmas morning as magical as possible.

Here, we've collected some of the hottest toys of all time to give you a chance to revisit Christmas mornings past. 

Take the quiz below and complete your ultimate Christmas wish list, and we think we can figure out your answer to one of Santa's most-asked questions: "Ho, Ho, Ho, and how old are you?"
  1. You're thinking about asking Santa for something to entertain your friends during sleepovers. Which board game would you pick?
  2. Your wishlist just got a little more creative. Which toy would you pick to express your artistic side?
  3. Your parents say you can't have a real pet just yet. So, which toy pet do you ask Santa for instead?
  4. Go for the big ask. Which video game system do you remember wanting the most?
  5. Which doll would you ask Santa for, then carry with you everywhere?
  6. On Christmas, the family's all together. What toy would you most want that's fun for the whole group?
  7. Here's a tough choice for action figure enthusiasts. Which of these figures would you most want to appear under your tree?
  8. Let's rev your wishlist up a bit. Which toy car would get your heart racing on Christmas morning?
  9. Don't forget to ask for the one thing that EVERYBODY wants. Which super-trendy toy would you most want to own again?
  10. Final question is a sort of physical challenge: Which of these toys would get you running out the door to play with it the moment you opened it?
Complete your vintage Christmas wish list and we'll guess your age

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