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Did these things happen on The Facts of Life or did we just make them up?

Take the good and leave the bad and then you have The Facts of Life.

The Facts of Life ran for eight seasons, with the cast traveling to far-off destinations beyond the boarding house.

If you think you know all about The Facts of Life, here's a quiz that just might stump you.

We've mixed up real plots from memorable episodes of The Facts of Life with fake plots that totally skewed what happened on the show. It's up to you to take the good and leave the bad. Good luck!
  1. Blair helps Natalie find her birth mother.
  2. A new student gets Blair, Natalie and Tootie in trouble by taking them to a bar.
  3. The girls get lost in Japan and discover a jewel heist.
  4. Mrs. Garrett decides to re-open an abandoned store and make it her own.
  5. Jo opens her own auto shop.
  6. Tootie becomes the new headmistress of Eastland Academy
  7. A hurricane hits Florida when the girls visit for spring break.
  8. Blair starts selling cosmetics and uses Natalie as a model.
  9. Natalie decides to become a nun when Jo’s nun sister visits.
  10. Tootie portrays Eleanor Roosevelt in a play.
  11. The girls discover the boys keep a “slam book” with insults about them.
  12. The girls get stuck with a super-strict chaperone on a trip to London.
Did these things happen on The Facts of Life or did we just make them up?

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