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Do you know how these TV characters got their nicknames?

Remember why they are called Hawkeye, Radar and Bones?

From the Skipper to Hot Lips, some TV characters are best known by their nicknames. Some of the most memorable characters — Fonzie, Ponch, Hoss — were known by their nicknames. The meanings of those were pretty easy to figure out

But perhaps you have wondered how the following characters got their nicknames. See if you remember — or can guess! Good luck!

  1. How did "Gopher" on The Love Boat get his nickname?
  2. How did "Radar" on M*A*S*H get his nickname?
  3. Sticking with M*A*S*H, how did "Hawkeye" get his nickname?
  4. How did "Beaver" get his nickname?
  5. Why is Leonard McCoy called "Bones" on Star Trek?
  6. Why is Aunt Bee called "Bee" on The Andy Griffith Show?
  7. How did Potsie get his nickname on Happy Days? (He explained it in the sixth episode.)
  8. In the episode "The Interview Show," Tootie explains how she got her nickname on The Facts of Life. What was the reason?
  9. Why is Captain Kangaroo called "Kangaroo"?
  10. How did Rerun get his name on What's Happening!!
  11. How did Faceman get his nickname on The A-Team?
  12. How did Venus Flytrap get his name on WKRP in Cincinnati?
  13. How did the character Huggy Bear get his name?
Do you know how these TV characters got their nicknames?

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