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Do you remember the names of these zany body-swap movies?

You might want to borrow the brain of a movie trivia expert.

What was it with body-swapping comedies in the Eighties? It seemed as if Hollywood cranked out a body-swap movie every summer. Parents swapping bodies with their children. Old people swapping bodies with young people. It's comedy gold.

Of course, the plot device was just restricted to the 1980s. Nor did it only appear in movies. 

Let's see if you can remember the titles of these body-swap stories!
  1. In 1976, Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris swapped bodies in…?
  2. In 1984, Lily Tomlin entered the body of Steve Martin for the comedy…?
  3. George Burns got into the act for the 1988 comedy…?
  4. Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron drank a potion called "Brain-Transference Serum" in the 1987 movie…?
  5. The two Coreys (Haim and Feldman, naturally) starred in a body-swap teen comedy called…?
  6. It didn't stop after the '80s! In 1992, Alex Baldwin saw his fiancé (Meg Ryan) swap bodies with an old man in the romance…?
  7. Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold swapped bodies after touching a strange skull artifact in…?
  8. There have been body-swap plots on TV, too! The castaways all switched bodies in an episode of Gilligan's Island called…?
  9. In the final episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk swapped bodies with a woman. What was the title of this series finale?
  10. Finally, in 1979, NBC briefly aired a sitcom about husband and wife swapping bodies. What was it called?
Do you remember the names of these zany body-swap movies?

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