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How well do you know "Lucy and Viv put in a Shower"?

If anything, this episode is why you shouldn't always do home-improvement projects yourself!

Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance, a duo that's sure to make you laugh in just about anything they're in. This time, Lucy and Viv find that they need to put in a new shower and the results are about what you'd expect. See how well you remember this episode!
  1. How many people live in Lucy's house, necessitating a new shower?
  2. Who does Lucy ask to help them with the shower?
  3. What snack does Lucy always make for her guests?
  4. Who do the guys ask to work on the shower?
  5. What part of the shower are the kids curious about?
  6. How does Lucy make Joe leave?
  7. Where does the water start coming out from?
  8. Why can't Lucy and Viv get out of the shower?
  9. How do Lucy and Viv finally get out of the shower?
  10. What part of the house starts breaking down after the shower incident?
How well do you know "Lucy and Viv put in a Shower"?

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