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How well do you know Saint Patrick's Day?

Test your knowledge of this raucous day of revelry.

They say that everyone's Irish on March 17, the day countries around the world celebrate Saint Patrick with shamrocks, parades, green beer and whiskey—but how much do you know about the man behind this raucous day of revelry? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of Ireland's foremost patron saint and the celebrations in his honor.

  1. Who is Saint Patrick?
  2. For what is Saint Patrick credited?
  3. Why is Saint Patrick's Day held on March 17?
  4. During which century was Saint Patrick active?
  5. In which century was Saint Patrick's Day made an official Christian feast day?
  6. Why are three-leaved shamrocks and the color green associated with Saint Patrick?
  7. In the popular allegory, Saint Patrick is said to have driven what out of Ireland?
  8. The first Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Ireland was held which year?
  9. Which South American city is known for hosting a huge Saint Patrick's Day celebration?
  10. Where in Ireland is Saint Patrick reputedly buried?
How well do you know Saint Patrick's Day?

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